Content Services


Enabling user-friendly content creation, integration, and collaboration

The true power of content services enables organisations to reach true digital transformation. With fluid and integrated access to content resources, business users are able to achieve better results in their daily activities.

Reduce the negative impact of content sprawl

Content services enable you to centralise access to content that resides in multiple systems.


Improve content security and user access

Configure your security roles to allow privileged users to access their relevant content.

Achieve a single unified source of truth

Increased document-sharing capabilities regardless of location and format.

Our Content Management solutions 

   These include a complete set of skills to help you capture, document, activate, analyse, protect, and collaborate with content for greater insight and action. Our implementation and integration techniques enable you to take full advantage of customer information and company data embedded in documents.


Document Management

Assisting you in managing content and information more effectively over its lifecycle with advanced content sharing and versioning.

Records Management

Digital solutions to help you create, store, and maintain the necessary documents accessible for business procedures and compliance audits.

Content Capture

Advanced, high-quality scanning and indexing of documents that can be automatically linked to workflows.

Collaboration & Intranets

Enable team members to work together in real-time and stay up to date with the latest organisational information.

Information Governance

Maximize the value of data while mitigating the risks associated with enterprise information generation, usage, and sharing. Akili can help you develop and implement a governance and responsibility framework that defines acceptable information creation, valuation, usage, sharing, storage, archiving, and deletion.

Content Tagging & Classification

Improve content usability through metadata tags and dynamic classification

Privacy Management

Safely store sensitive information in compliance with legislation such as POPIA and GDPR.

Compliance Management

Helping you ensure continual alignment with legal and industry requirements.

Akili has been nothing but short of magnificent, delivering quality work to the client. They continuously provide excellent service, meet timeframes, go beyond the call of duty, and are professional

– Managing Director, Lwazi Information Management Consultancy

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