Custom Business App Development

Top-quality business apps delivered by certified experts

We use the Microsoft Power Platform to create low-code business apps that propel your business to new levels of efficiency.

Business apps tailored to meet your organisation’s needs

You’ll have to deal with ineffective processes and low productivity levels if you don’t have a powerful business app. Business apps are made to streamline your processes, automate your tasks, and provide you with real-time access to critical information.

Our goal is to design and develop custom business apps that match your exact requirements.


Our Approach

1. Requirements Gathering

We engage in meetings with your stakeholders and end-users to identify the specific requirements and functionalities that will shape your business app.

2. Design & Prototyping

We define your app’s screens, controls, and navigations; gathering your feedback on the app’s design before moving forward.

3. App Development

After connecting the business app to relevant data sources, we implement the desired app logic and behaviour. 

4. Testing & Refinement

We test and refine the app, with the aim of enhancing its functionality, responsiveness, and usability.

5. Deployment

Through PowerApps’ multiple deployment options, we help you publish your new business app to your desired environment.

6. Ongoing Maintenance & Support

Our team monitors your app’s performance post-deployment and addresses any reported issues promptly.

Quality Meets Speed

Compatible across platforms

Access critical information and perform tasks anytime with an app that runs seamlessly on various devices.

Quick Development

Faster turnaround times and quicker time-to-market thanks to PowerApps’ intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Scalable & Secure

As your business grows, your app grows with it, all whilst adhering to Microsoft’s stringent security standards.

One of our past projects:

The client’s primary challenge was the time-consuming and inefficient nature of its existing manual document management system. Composing, approving, and disseminating memos and circulars involved extensive paperwork, physical signatures, and manual distribution methods. This often resulted in significant delays and an increased administrative burden.

Our Approach

Our proposed solution involved leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform and SharePoint to:

  • design an intuitive and user-friendly interface for composing memos and circulars. 
  • automate the approval and notification tasks in the document management process. 
  • securely store and organise all digital files, aligning with the client’s records management file plan and ensuring compliance.

The Result

The solution included scanning functionality, allowing the client to digitise historical records and convert hard copies to digital files. An electronic signature capability was also integrated, removing the need for physical signatures and speeding up the approval process even further.

By using the Power Platform’s capabilities, the government institution successfully modernised its document management processes, significantly improving efficiency and record management. Digitisation allowed the client to provide quicker and more effective services to qualifying households seeking state assistance.


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