Microsoft 365 F3

R142.27 user


Microsoft 365 F3 licensing is an opportunity for you to empower your Firstline workers. They can be better equipped to serve your customers, more connected to your company, and more engaged in its culture than ever before.

Formerly Microsoft 365 F3 empowers your frontline workforce with productivity apps and cloud services that allow them to do their best work.

Firstline Workers compose the majority of the workforce and are in roles where they are the first to engage customers. The first to see products and services in action, and the first to represent your brand. Digital technology is reinventing the entire work experience and empowering people to be more productive than ever before. In this digital age, success will increasingly depend on your people, the tools you provide, and, ultimately, the employee experience you create and protect.

Microsoft 365 F3 has the following features:

  • In this plan, you will get Office web and mobile apps.
  • In addition one hub for teamwork with Microsoft Teams.
  • Connect and stay organized with business-class email.
  • Five layers of security and monitoring to keep your data safe which is very important nowadays.

Product of Microsoft

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